Jack Pine

by Cobble Hill

1000 pieces

17$ each

Jack Pine is our mass market brand of puzzles. They still have exceptional quality of images to choose from, however the thickness of the puzzle pieces are not as dense compared to our specialty brand of puzzles from Cobble Hill. Jack Pine puzzles come in smaller, square boxes as opposed to the larger rectangular shaped boxes in which Cobble Hill puzzles are packed.

70010 Backyard Feeder

70029 Summer Bouquet

70030 Ragdolls

70033 Candy Shelf

70034 Cats Retreat

70038 Two for the Road

70040 Silent Travelers

70041 Bird Watchers

70045 Basket Case

70047 Dolphins at Play

70050 Hot Air Balloons

70051 Mountain Thunder

70052 Frog Business

70053 Rooster Magic

70054 Chapel of Hope

70055 Deer and Pheasant