Large Pieces

275 pieces

22$ each

Easy Handling puzzles include 275 large size pieces. The large pieces helps visually impaired people better see the image detail and it also makes grasping the pieces simpler for those with arthritis or finger gripping challenges. These puzzles are also great for Alzheimer patients as it keeps them mentally active, but it's not overly challenging so one can feel accomplished in fixing the puzzle. 

88001 Chickadee Tea

88002 Christmas Town

88003 Aquarium

88004 Laxy Day on the Dock

88006 Pedals 'n' Petals

88007 Farm Cats

88008 Lighthouse Cove

88009 Steaming Out of Town

88010 Hay Wagon

88011 Ragdolls

88015 Friends Forever

88016 Gray Squirrel

88017 Pink and Gold

88018 First Snow

88019 Cats Retreat

88021 Winter Cabin

88022 Golf Course

88023 Fall Feast

88024 Picket Fence Party

88027 Holiday Sparkle

88028 Carriage Ride

88029 The Chickens are Well

88030 Treasure of the Sea

88032 Farmyard Friends

88033 Cat Nap

88034 Tea for Two

88035 Holiday Horsies

88036 Tea Caddies

88037 Garden Jewels

88039 Shady Garden

88041 Tranquil Evening

88042 Chéz Michelle