Family Puzzles

350 pieces

22$ each

Family Pieces 350 offer the opportunity for puzzlers of all skill levels to contribute to the assembly of a fun family image because they have three different sized pieces within the puzzle! These special puzzles have more large sized pieces on one end for those who need more imagery per piece, as well as a larger surface area to grasp. Plus, there are a good number of medium sized pieces too, so nobody feels "stuck" with too many "small" pieces. Large pieces are on one side of the puzzle and small pieces are on the other side. This allows people of different skill levels to work different sides of the puzzle at the same time. We hope your whole family enjoys these new puzzles!

54602 Porch Pals

54604 Winter Barnyard

54610 Molokini Current

54613 Noah's Gathering

54615 Basket Case

54620 Reptiles and Amphibians

54621 The Wizard of Oz

54628 Earth Day

54631 Sweet Treats

54633 Voyage of the Ark

54634  Realm of the Unicorn

54636 Dragon Flight

54638 Puppy Pail

54639 Birds of the World

54640 Penguin Family

54643 Safari Babies

54644 Horse Family

54646 Storytime Kittens

54647 Chippy Chappies

54650 Space Travels

54652 Catching Santa